A professionally managed commercial portfolio can be a very profitable investment and a badly managed one can be a financial and operational nightmare. However, the laws and regulations surrounding commercial property are notoriously complex and must be viewed alongside commercial property leases which can also be challenging to interpret.  Given the value of some commercial property assets, what might be considered a small oversight like missing the deadline for a rent review or a break clause can prove to be very costly indeed. Outsourcing the management of your commercial property portfolio to ASA Chartered Surveyors ensures lease terms are properly interpreted, that your tenants comply with those terms in a timely and cost effective way and that you are informed of your obligations so that your long term investment runs smoothy, efficiently and profitably.

Our services will be designed around your needs via a blend of commercial property management and asset management incorporating, rent collection, rent reviews and lease renewals, service charges, acquisitions and disposals and valuations.  With over 40 years' experience, our Team can provide you with the unique skills required to maintain a balanced relationship between client and tenant so that  income revenues are maximised without compromising landlord / tenant relationships.

We will also liaise with your legal advisers or arrange legal advice and services for you, for example in preparing licences for alterations, assignments or change of use and monitor drafts and the final documents for compliance with the specific terms and  individual obligations of your lease(s).

Whatever your property management requirements, our team can provide the solution and are happy to help.  So, whether you require one or two hours’ commercial property advice, short term guidance and assistance with a complex negotiation or have multiple commercial units requiring ongoing annual consultancy, feel free to get in touch for an informal chat.


As in any business “time is money” and while profitability does not come automatically ASA Chartered Surveyors understand the problems of managing buildings and tenants and know how to solve them, ensuring your long term investment runs smoothly and efficiently.

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